Hidersine Piacenza 4/4 Finetune Violin Outfit

Hand-Carved Solid Straight-grained Spruce top; Hand-Carved Solid Flamed Maple Back Ribs Neck and Scroll; Ebony Fingerboard Pegs and Chin Rest; Seasoned Maple Bridge; Light Alloy Tailpiece with Gilt Adjusters; Hidersine Synthetic Core Strings.

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Hidersine Piacenza 4/4 Finetune Violin Outfit Overview:


Looks and sounds more beautiful throughout its life:

Hidersine Piacenza instruments feature a hand-carved solid spruce top – or sound-table. This is important because your instrument’s primary voice is formed by this sound-table and therefore the top can resonate as a single coherent structure and sound great as a result. Plus as the wood ages and the solid tonewood top gradually relaxes at a cellular level into its natural rest state it will resonate even more naturally and the sound will improve further.

Hidersine Piacenza instruments not only have a solid top but they also have a stunning solid flamed Maple ribs and backs too. These highly figured solid tonewood sections further enhance the instrument’s natural tone. The top produces the instrument’s primary voice and the back and sides add the character.

(The term ‘Flamed’ refers to the figuring of the Maple grain which looks like flames striking across the wood. Maple with a natural ‘flame’ is highly prized with the most intricate and stunning natural grain patterns demanding very high prices throughout the world of musical instruments.)


Each instrument created by skilled hands:

It’s important to understand the hand-carved element of the Piacenza’s construction. Although most musical instruments have a fair amount of human input in their building process unsurprisingly instruments created for the entry-level tend to have much higher levels of machine-made elements. While this makes the process efficient it can take away from the individual ‘soul’ of each instrument. Each mark from the luthier’s carving tools are there for a specific reason. The amount of time taken to carve the arched tops and back of a violin is integral to their structure – lightness and strength - and the resulting tone. Luthiers have been passing their learned skill down the generations for centuries and in the case of Hidersine Piacenza instruments the skilled hand-carving techniques can begin to be truly appreciated.


Ebony - Feels great plays great:

Hidersine Piacenza violins and violas both benefit from a genuine Ebony fingerboard pegs and chin rest. This prized hardwood has traditionally been used for hundreds of years due to its truly long-lasting properties. Unlike dark-stained or ‘ebonized’ softwoods often used on inferior instruments genuine Ebony will not mark pit or wear out under lengthy playing periods. This is essential in areas such as the pegs which are under a lot of tension from the strings. The shaft of each peg needs to be retain its integrity and using Ebony is one of the best ways to ensure this. Ebony should remain structurally sound for a very long time and it will also feel smooth on the fingers and chin helping make the playing experience more pleasant all round.


A Premium Bow Upgrade:

The bow is one of the most important upgrades you can make to any bowed instrument setup. The upgraded bow included with your Hidersine Piacenza Violin Viola or Cello will help you to produce an enriched tone plus it offers a premium touch in the form of a genuine Ebony ‘Frog’.


Supplied with:

Oblong Styrofoam Case with accessory compartment and music pocket

Brazilwood Half-mounted bow with Ebony Frog

Hidersine Rosin block


Quick Spec:

Hand-Carved Solid Straight-grained Spruce top; Hand-Carved Solid Flamed Maple Back Ribs Neck and Scroll; Ebony Fingerboard Pegs and Chin Rest; Seasoned Maple Bridge; Light Alloy Tailpiece with Gilt Adjusters; Hidersine Synthetic Core Strings.



  • Back Neck & Ribs: Figured Flamed Solid Maple
  • Bow: Half Mounted Wood with Ebony Frog
  • Bridge Finish: Maple
  • Case Type: Shockproof rectangular shaped case with detachable straps.
  • Chin Rest: Ebony
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Peg Type: Ebony
  • Rosin: Hidersine
  • Size: 4/4
  • Sound Post: Spruce
  • Strings: H100
  • Table: Hand Carved Straight Grained Solid Spruce
  • Tailpiece: Light Alloy with Gilt Adjusters
  • Tuners: 4 Integral Fine Tuners

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